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Asbestos Panel Removal Connecticut: Asbestos panel or corrugated asbestos sheets or asbestos cement sheets were used in roofing. For siding in all buildings, factories, and farms, its toxicity is medium and it’s not friable. Sheets were very cheap to manufacture and buy.

Asbestos sheets are durable, weather-proof, heat resistant, fireproof and also it was easy to work with them. In the first eight decades, the sheets were made by asbestos after fibrous cement sheets were invented.

In the present era, the fiber which is used in cement sheets is made of cellulose which mainly found in plants.1980 is the year, the companies of the USA stop manufacturing the products of asbestos but it is still in a working market of nations like India and China.

Common types of asbestos cement sheets include-

  • Corrugated asbestos sheets
  • Flat sheet
  • Asbestos lumber
Asbestos Panel Removal Connecticut
Asbestos Panel Removal Connecticut

Workers pressed a mixture of cement, water and chrysotile asbestos between metallic plates with heavy pressure to squeeze out excess water and create a corrugated pattern, which appears as a series of parallel ridges that add strength to the cement sheets.

In some roofing products, asbestos was used. Cement asbestos roof shingles typically have a much shorter life than the siding panels. The thinner shingles, about an eighth of an inch thick, typically last about 50 to 60 years. The thicker ones are about a quarter of an inch and it is seen the last 70 to 85 years.

It is a naturally occurring mineral that can be fluffed into a wooly consistency and mixed into building materials such as cement. If there is a presence of asbestos fibers in drinking water then it is not considered as hazardous to human health.

In 1973, under the EPA’s Clean Air Act, most spray-applied asbestos products were banned for fireproofing and insulating purposes. And in 1989, the EPA issued the Asbestos Ban and Phase Out Rule, which hoped to impose a full ban on the manufacturing, importation, processing, and sale of asbestos-containing products. Almost everyone knows that asbestos is dangerous.

Asbestos Panel Removal Connecticut:

But what many don’t know is that these deadly fibers can hide everywhere in every wall. Behind every tile because asbestos fibers can also hide in places where nobody would expect them. Also where they are hardly visible and this is why we are here to help you get rid of it. Even during a simple renovation in your own home, a dangerous concentration of asbestos fibers can quickly get into the air you breathe.

At Abatement Solutions, we adhere to strict regulatory guidelines to assure that asbestos materials are removed or contained without risk to health or safety, and with a minimum of disruption to property.

Abatement Solutions works diligently to see that any violations are corrected promptly. Our certified workers are trained to work on commercial, residential, industrial and institutional facilities. You can rely on us to make sure that your building is in compliance with CT DPH, US EPA, and OSHA. Check out our contact us page if you want to know more about Asbestos Panel Removal Connecticut Services.

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